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eVegGuide Version 4 Documentation

The Ease Rating
    The Report application in version 4 has a new column which indicates how easy a plant will be to establish. When results first appear in this application, they are sorted so that the easiest plants are at the top of the list. The intention of the eVegGuide is to recommend plants that are easy to establish whenever possible.

    The original values for the ease rating for native plants are from Calscape, and represent the experience of many native plant gardeners. eVegGuide editors have since added new values or modified the original values to be consistent with the purposes of the eVegGuide.

    Possible values are as follows:

      5  easy
      4  moderately easy
      2  moderately difficult
      1  difficult

    Plants that have yet to be assigned an ease rating appear in the results with the value unrated.

    Mixes also have an ease rating which represents an average of the ease ratings of the component plants.