Data Set:
USGS Mojave Vegetation Mapping Project
Last Modified:
Processed By:
Ann Dennis, July 17, 2002
Modified By:
Tony Morosco (convert UTM to LL, add additional metadata)
Field by Field Transcription Notes
Calflora OCC field Original data: table/field Note
dset_seq_num   line number in original
dataset "mojave" assigned
source "USGS Mojave Vegetation Mapping Project" assigned
source_id none  
collectn   none
orig_name VegData: CSPECIES dataset also included Plant_Code, mostly correspond with USDA PLANTS codes
rslvd_genus   used PLANTS code match with corresponding Calflora name, or Xwalk name for taxa not in Calflora
orig_nomen "Jepson" assigned
orig_date GeoInfo: DSRVY  
auth_collector "Kathryn A. Thomas" assigned
county [FIP code] ‘county’ value is an interpretation of UTM coordinates provided
orig_county   none
orig_location GeoInfo: NPUTMX, NPUTMY  
orig_loc_form Zone=11, Easting=[NPUTMX], Northing=NPUTMY assigned, utm
orig_loc_desc none  
GeoInfo: NSLOPE, NASPECT concatenated and transcribed using translation tables
orig_elev GeoInfo: NPELEV  
orig_elev_form "meters" assigned: meters
doc_type "reported" assigned: reported
observ_type "plotlist" assigned: plotlist
date_prec "exactday" or "exactmonth" assigned: based on date value
plot_size "0.025" assigned: 0.025
plot_id VegData: FinalPlotCode  
site_info_avail untranscribed fields in VegDes, SurfCvr, and Impact assigned: untranscribed fields in VegDes, SurfCvr, and Impact
update_date “2002-07-18”  
id_method “no information” Unknown
occ_status “presumed present”  
natural_status null depreciated field
state “CA” presumed all CA obs
quad null unknown
orig_datum “NAD 1983” from metadata provided by source
orig_id_certainty “confident” based on info from source
orig_note null none provided
cf_notes null none
elev_prec null unclear what precision is
orig_taxon_code “PLANTS” unclear what version of PLANTS codes are used
calrecnum null not applied
it is_tsn null not applied
submittedby “Kathryn A. Thomas” person who gave Calflora the data.


Original Data Tables

Description of original data tables:
  • VegData: primary species observation table, contains species observed, cover, and plot ID
  • GeoInfo: primary plot description table, contains date surveyed, UTM location, elevation, slope, and aspect.
  • VegDes: vegetation descriptive data, by plot, contains physiognomic and hydrologic descriptive terms, cover by height and form classes, and cover of exotic species. Has associated code translation tables: xLeafphen, xLeaftype, xPhysclass.
  • SurfCvr: ground surface descriptive data, by plot, contains cover by particle size class (fines, gravel, bedrock, etc.) and litter.
  • Impact: presence and intensity of human impacts, 38 different disturbance types (Development, ORV activity, grazing, etc.), 4 levels of intensity. Has associated code translation tables xImpact_code and xIntensity.